Where to buy what - Practicals Edition 🥼🩺

   Oct 3, 2022     2 min read

Autumn in Hradec

Here, you will find out where to buy your lab coats, lab shoes, Anatomy dissection kits, here in Hradec Kralove. In person or online.

Every year, our university will have one day of sale for lab coats and shoes. However, some students might have missed the sale or have their sizes sold out. No worries. I have a solution for ya. 👩🏻‍⚕️

In person

You can check out this store near Centrál bus stop. It is called AMS GLOBAL s.r.o. and they sell various health care related shoes, lab coats and hospital uniforms. They also sell scalpels and tweezers for dissection.

At the centre of Hradec Kralove, near the bus-stop Adalbertinum, you can find Lékárna U Grandu. This is actually where I bought my scalpels and tweezers during my first year. Extra tip: across the street of this pharmacy, there is a Drogerie with a pink sign board. Over there, you can find a plastic toothbrush container box to keep your scalpels and tweezers safely in your bag.


For those who wants to have more options, I have two websites suggestions for lab coats and shoes.

Infinite Medstyle is a Czech website that is founded by three Czech alumni of our Faculty. Here you can find Lab-coats for Women or for Men. They also sell lab shoes and many accessories such as Anatomy models and dissection kits. Don’t forget to check out their 🩺 stethoscope selection, as well.

Another website that I personally used before is called Medical Uniforms and they also sell lab coats for both Men and Women. Here, you can find the selection of their lab shoes.

Tip for when browsing Czech online stores that doesn’t support English translation: Install Google Chrome on your device. While you are in the page, right click or double-click at the empty are on the website. Press Translate to English. Tada! 🎉

How to choose your lab-coats and shoes?

🥼 For your lab-coats, you might want to look for some affordable options. In your first year, you will have Anatomy Practicals that deals with cadavers. Therefore, it is very easy to get your coats stained and have the smell of the practical lab (eg. formaldehyde) lingering on your coat. I would advice you to get two lab-coats. One for anatomy practicals and other for every other subjects. Also, don’t be lazy to wash your coats since your class-mates and professors can smell you every single morning. After you reach third year, get a really nice lab-coat that will last you until sixth year.

👟 For your lab-shoes, I would recommend to get a pair of closed-toe white shoes that are made of hard plastic. You don’t know what can spill on your feet during Anatomy practicals or in Biochemistry labs. Get a pair of good quality shoes that will last you until sixth year and take a good care of them. Tip: always carry your lab shoes in a small plastic bag since you won’t want the dirt from the shoes to mix in with your pristine white coats.

There you go! Enjoy your practicals!

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