Chyuu Myet Chyei

 6th year General Medicine Student

Who am I?

I am a girl from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Back in 2016, I moved to Czech Republic, specifically to Hradec Kralove, to study general medicine. Currently, I am in the 6th year of my studies.

Why did I create this website?

I remember my days back in the first year. I came here alone without knowing anybody here. First year was difficult for me in terms of adapting to the new environment. I didnโ€™t know how to dress for the winter, what to eat in Czech Republic, where to find what nor how to communicate in Czech language.

The goal

The goal of the English version of this page is to help the first years in their adaptaion process, especially outside their studies.

What else is there?

I also have a Burmese version of this page where I share my knowlege of studying overseas to people in my country. If you have Google Chrome as a browser, it supports Burmese tranaslation to English so you are welcome to check it out, as well.

You can buy me a book here!

If you enjoyed my blogs or find them helpful, you can buy me a book here so that I can learn something new for my future blogs!