Where to buy what - Groceries edition 🛒

   Oct 12, 2022     2 min read

Futurum Hradec

In this blog, you will find out where you can buy groceries in Hradec Kralove, in person or online.

In person


This is probably the most visited groceries store in Hradec Kralove by foreign students. There are three Tescos in this city.

The one in Atrium is the closest to you if you live in Old town or New town. If you live in Na Kotli or Palachova domitories, the one in Futurum will be closer to you. The biggest and furthest, Hyper Tesco is less commonly visited by the students. However, you can take a bus to the stop called “Tesco Březhrad” to get there.

Tesco also offers Online Delivery to your doorstep at a chosen time which I’ve never used before but I’ve heard other students raving about it.


Lidl is a grocery chain from Germany. I personally like this store for many things including their special weekly offers such as Asian week, Spanish week, Italian week, French week, etc. etc. There are three Lidl supermarkets in Hradec Kralove. There is one next to Tesco in Atrium, another one next to the Hradec main Bus station and the last one near Palachova domitory.


Billa is another Germany grocery chain. There are several locations in Hradec Kralove but probably the most visited one is in Aupark, next to the Hradec main train station. There is another BILLA near Palachova domitory, too.


There is only one location for Kaufland in Hradec Kralove. It is right behind our Medical Faculty building. Personally, I prefer Kaufland more than Tesco.


There are several locations of Albert in Hradec Kralove. This Albert is one of the biggest and also close to our hospital. There is another Albert near Lipky. There is also one next to Palachova dormitory and last but not least, you can find this bigger Albert in Orlice Park shopping mall.

Penny market

Honestly, I’ve been to this supermarket just once. They also have several locations around Hradec Kralove. You can type in “Penny Market” in Google Maps or to find out the nearest one.

Asian mini-markets

Here, you can find several Asian groceries such as Ramen packs, Indomie, Fish Sauce, Siracha, Pockey, etc. etc. The biggest one is near Ulrichovo Namesti. There are many other mini-markets and they are normally titled “mini-market” or “potraviny”. If you happen to be in Prague, you can also check out SAPA Praha, a large Vietnamese village with several malls and restaurants.


Manu Tea

For tea lovers, is the perfect website for you. They have a huge selection of quality tea and coffee. My personal favourites are Jasmine green tea and oolong tea. They also sell tea pots and cups.


Grizly offers wide collection of quality nuts and dry fruits. If you are looking for something to chew on during the studies hours (watch out those calories tho), this will be the perfect place for you. They also offer protein powders and protein bars for those who are into fitness.


Dookan is the main supplier of my daily need for basmati rice. They also offer selections of Indian spices, as well as, snacks and fresh vegetables.

There you go! Enjoy shopping for your groceries! 🛍

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