Where to Print in Hradec Kralove

   Nov 28, 2022     1 min read

Elbe and Orlice

If you are a new student to Hradec Kralove, you might have already heard of Kodak for printing final notes and taking passport photos.

There are a few other options that I’d like to share.


If you are looking for a place to print large documents, such as a skripta for Pathophysiology or even final notes, you can use this website Tiskelní There, you can choose printing with (a cheaper option and my personal preference) or without advertisements. It costs 2 czk per A4 page for black and white ink. First, you’ll choose which option you prefer. Then, you’ll upload your document, and type in the title. After that, you can place your order at their stores if you are a student in Prague, Brno or Liberec. If not, you can order your printed item from their another delivery option through Generally, I would recommend this website if you plan to print multiple books.

Printing fun photos

If you want to print photos and doesn’t care much about their quality or resolution, you can go to any dm or Rossmann stores. They have several photo printing booths, where you plug in your mobile phone and start printing items from your phone gallery. In dm, a small 10x10 photo costs about 7 czk.

LFHK printing with ISIC

If you are a student of Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove, you can print your documents at the several locations in our university campus. For this, you’ll need your ISIC since it’ll act as your electronic wallet for printing. You can find more information on the university website about Printing and copying. [Note: You’ll need to sign-in the same way you sign-in to SIS to view this page.]

Happy printing!

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